Our History

The Group was founded in 1994 by Abdullatif Al Dakheel. Since then, the business has achieved a significant growth in its revenues and profitability and has achieved a leading position in retail, construction , real estate and the hospitality business sectors within the Kingdom.

The Group has successfully diversified its retail business into other business sectors during the last two decades. The Group, in its endeavor to expand its business operations, entered into the real estate development in late 90s, by spinning out its construction division as a separate entity. Further it established the real estate management operations as early as 2010. Presently the Group is a leading real estate developer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a class “A” construction permit from the Saudi Government.

Presently the Group is pursuing expansion programs by consolidating its core businesses, the retailing & the real estate sectors while developing a portfolio of other business operation which is defined as an emerging businesses segment. The emerging businesses of the Abdullatif Al Dakheel Group consist of business operation in sectors such as constructions & hotels.